Multiple Return Addresses

Multiple Return Addresses are allowed with our service and currently, there is no limit to the number that you can use.

However, we don't recommend using multiple return addresses except for the few that are under your control. (i.e. your work address, home address, vacation home, address of a close friend or neighbor, etc.)

The return address is where your letter will be delivered by the Post Office in the event they are unable to deliver it to the desired address. If you use an address that you don't have access to you won't know that it didn't make it to its intended destination.

Here are some disadvantages to using someone else's return address for each piece for business purposes:

- If the letter is returned you can't address why.
- if the letter is returned to sender they may wonder why and call you.
- or they may ignore it and not tell you so you aren't aware and can't fix it.
- or know that it came back and think you might not be the best at handling these matters for them.
- if you send certified mail with return receipt the post office may try and collect a signature when returning it or put a note in their mail box to pick up the letter at the post office, which can be quite annoying.

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