Stopping Letters From Being Mailed

If a letter needs to be modified and it has  not been paid for, it can simply be deleted from the shopping cart by clicking the green "delete job" link located below the letter name as shown below;

If a letter needs to be modified after it's been paid for, unfortunately, there isn't a way to make any changes. This is because, after approval, the job enters our fully automated processes combined with thousands of other letters and cannot be retrieved or canceled at all.  

This part of the process is the equivalent of dropping a letter off in a blue drop box at your local post office; once it goes in the bin, it can not be retrieved, changed, altered, or canceled.  It gets mailed exactly as it is.

We must apologize if this causes frustration; we certainly see how someone may occasionally need to cancel or alter a letter.  That said, we have attempted to spell out in multiple ways on our website that it is not possible. 

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