Login Assistance

First, we are so sorry you are experiencing difficulty getting into your account.

Hopefully one or more of the following options can help:

Make sure you are using the correct email address.  Many of us have multiple email addresses, if you have a different email address you might want to try it as well.  If you were able to find the original account sign up email from us, you should use the email address that we sent the email to.

Try the Lost Password link.  The lost password link appears on the Login page below the green Login button.  If you enter an email address that is found in our system, we'll send a link for you to reset your password.  Make sure you check all folders, including spam, as this email can sometimes be flagged as junk mail.

Maybe make a new account.  If you created an account but never sent a letter, it might be just as easy to create a new account.  Simply click here to create a new account.

Still stuck? Sometimes people create accounts on our website in a hurry and use a fake temporary email address just to check out our service.  Then it turns out they really like what they see so they create a mailing with the temporary email address.  This is a bit unfortunate because you miss out on our system emails notifying you of when your letter gets mailed and it also prevents the lost password link from working.  If this is true for you, we struggle on the right way to give you access to your account because there is nothing that proves that you really own the account, and none of us want the wrong people accessing our accounts.

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