Unclaimed Letters

If you are checking the status of your Certified Letter and see the word "unclaimed", it means the intended recipient (who you were sending the letter to) didn't pick up the letter from the Post Office within the required timeframe that the USPS provided.

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Recipient Unavailable

When a mail carrier attempts to deliver a Certified Letter but no one is home, they will typically leave a notice on the recipients door or mail box notifying the recipient that a letter is at a nearby Post Office waiting for them to pick it up. 

Since the USPS is required to capture a signature for certified mail they can't simply leave the letter in the recipients' mailbox or at their door.

Schedule Redelivery

You can use this link to schedule the redelivery of your letter on the USPS website.  You must enter your tracking number where it says "Track Your Package" and fill out the information under "Schedule Redelivery".

The USPS should then attempt to redeliver your letter to the intended recipient.

Returned to Sender

If the recipient does not pick up the letter from their Post Office and no redelivery has been scheduled, it will be returned to sender. The USPS will typically return the letter to the sender after 15 days if it has not been picked up. If you are the sender, you should receive the letter back in about 10 days.

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