Undelivered Letters

When you give us your mail we print it, insert into envelopes, and then give it to the USPS for delivery.

We do not have any control of your mail once it's handed off to the USPS.  It's similar to if you take it to them in person, once you hand them your mail over the counter, it's completely in their hands.  Therefore we can guarantee our side of the process (and we do), but not theirs.

The USPS is typically successful with delivering certified mail, but in the event that they do not successfully deliver a letter, you can always attempt to reach out to them to see if they are able to assist further, otherwise, you will simply need to re-mail it.  Keep in mind that the USPS does not guarantee perfect delivery of certified mail.  

If you have a letter(s) that looks like it won't be successfully delivered by the USPS, we aren't able to provide any refunds or credits.  We recommend reaching out directly to them (see below for our recommend methods of contacting them) to see if they can provide you with any additional information regarding the status of your letter(s).

Otherwise, feel free to click here to be taken to another help article that talks about frequently asked questions in regards to certified mail tracking information.

Contact the USPS:

By Email:

By Phone:
1. Call (800) 275-8777
2. Select the option for "tracking a package"
3. It will ask for your tracking number multiple times, but don't give them your tracking number. Once it is finished asking for your tracking number it should say "transferring to representative", which should get you to a real person

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