Undelivered Letters

There are two parts to the process when sending mail using our service. 

The first part is on our side where we print your letter(s), insert them into envelopes, seal them, then provide them to the USPS on your behalf.

That brings us to the second part of the process. Now that the USPS has the certified mail piece, they are going to process it just as if you were to have brought it to them yourself. Actually, it may even get there slightly quicker using us since our mail goes to their Post Office Main the same day, whereas when you take mail to them yourself it doesn't get to their Post Office Main until the following day.

The USPS is typically very successful with delivering mail, however, they don't guarantee the successful delivery of certified mail. As you can imagine, there are many different reasons a letter might be delayed or undelivered, but below are the most common reason's we've seen;

  1. The letter was successfully delivered but the USPS forgot to update their online data
  2. The letter is being returned to the sender because they were unable to deliver it (this could be for a number of reasons)
  3. A notice was left at the destination address and the letter is waiting for the recipient to pick up the mailing
  4. The USPS lost the letter in transit

In the event that the USPS isn't able to successfully deliver a letter, we recommend resending it. Since the USPS doesn't guarantee delivery of a mailpiece, they also make it very difficult for us to receive refunds for letters that do go undelivered.  Therefore we are unable to issue refunds or promo codes for undelivered mailpieces.  This is as frustrating for us as it is for you.  Get more information on our refund policy

To track a USPS Certified or Priority Mailing click here

Of course, you're welcome to contact the Post Office directly for further specific details on any mail piece. For information on how to contact the USPS click here.

For more information regarding certified mail tracking details click here.

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