Letter Origination

Our company is based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Therefore 100% of the mail we print and produce for our customers originates from Phoenix and the tracking information on every certified letter we process will show that your letter originated in Phoenix.

There are usually two common reasons why customers might want to know this.

Reason #1: Customers might not want it to say "Arizona" on the outer envelope.  The good news here is that we have a customized permit that does not show the city or state that the letter originated in.  In other words, the envelopes we use do not show this information.

Reason #2:  Customers might be concerned that their mail will get to its destination slower than if they take it to a local post office.  Let's say you are located in New York and need to send a letter to someone else in New York.  The good news is that sending your mail through us shouldn't slow down your mail - in fact, there is a slight chance it could be delivered even a little faster.

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