Download Signature Files

The signature file (Electronic Return Receipt) is automatically included with each letter sent through OnlineCertifiedMail.  Upon successful delivery, the USPS will provide OnlineCertifiedMail (OCM) with the electronic signature file which can be downloaded or printed from within your OCM account.

The signature is available to view/download on the History page. The word "Signature" will appear under the green status boxes when the signature is available. The History page can be accessed by clicking the green "History" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  

Upon successful delivery, the USPS should capture a signature for each letter. Once the USPS gives OCM access to the signature files (which can take up to a few business days) a green "Signature" link will appear (located below the green "Delivered" link) that can be selected in order to view/print/download that particular signature file as shown here;

If you are not seeing a link for the signature it could be that the USPS either hasn't delivered the letter yet, it's being returned or the letter has indeed been delivered, but they haven't given OCM access to the signature file yet.  It can sometimes take a few business days after the delivery of a letter to gain access to the signature file.  

Click for more information about unavailable signatures.

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