Electronic Return Receipt (Green Card)

Upon successful delivery of your certified mail, you will get an electronic signature instead of a physical green postcard through our website. The electronic signature is a document from the post office saying when the letter was delivered which will include the tracking number of your letter and the signature of the person who signed for it.  We'll then upload the signature file to your account as soon as we get it from the postal service.

Upon successful delivery, the electronic signature file will available for you to see and/or download on your History page,located in the upper right hand corner of your account.  The word "Signature" will appear under the green status boxes when it becomes available:

It can take a few business days from the time a letter shows as "delivered" to when the signature file is added to your account.  So if your letter says that it's been delivered but a signature is not yet available, please allow for a couple more business days for it to show up.

Note: our service does not provide a USPS purchase receipt upon paying for letters.  Our "Job Confirmation" emails serve as the notice that indicates we've handed your letter over to the USPS for delivery, along with their tracking details.

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