Signature Unavailable

Delivery signatures aren't available until after the letter is successfully delivered, and often times it can take a few business days before we get all the signatures from the USPS after delivery.

When the signature is available, the word " Signature" will appear below the word "Delivered" in your Job History. Simply click on the word Signature to download the signature file as shown below;

It is possible that a letter could be sent to an address where a signature cannot be captured. 

These types of letters may not have a signature...

  • Mail still in transit
  • Mail that cannot be delivered to the recipient or the sender address
  • Certified Mail sent to an APO or an FPO (military) address.

These will include a signature...

  • Most certified letters sent through our service.
  • Certified Mail sent to a valid mailing address
  • Certified Mail sent to PO Boxes
  • Pieces returned to the sender address (most of the time)

If you feel a signature should exist, feel free to check to see if they have a signature we haven't received yet (though that is highly unlikely).  Remember, the USPS is solely responsible for the delivery and signature part of the process.  If a letter appears to have been delivered, there isn't a signature associated with it and it's been longer than 3 days since the letter was delivered, we recommend that you resend the letter or contact the USPS directly by clicking here.

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