Why is there no signature yet?

Delivery signatures will not appear until after the letter gets delivered. 

Additionally, sometimes we get signatures the following business day after the USPS successfully delivers your letters, but often times it can take up to a few business days before we get all the signatures from the USPS.

When the signature is available, the word "Signature" will appear below the word "Delivered" in your Job History.  Simply click on the word Signature to download the signature file.

It is possible that you sent a letter to an address where you won't get a signature.

These will get a signature...

  • Most certified letters sent through our service.
  • Certified Mail sent to a valid mailing address
  • Certified Mail sent to PO Boxes
  • Pieces returned to the sender address (most of the time)

These will not have a signature...

  • Mail that has not be delivered yet
  • Mail that cannot be delivered to the recipient or the sender address
  • Certified Mail sent to and APO or an FPO.

If you still feel a signature should exist, you might want to check www.usps.com and see if they have a signature that we didn't receive (though that is highly unlikely).

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