Proof of Mailing

There are a number of ways to prove your certified letter was sent.

First, you will receive an order confirmation email from our parent company, with a subject of LetterStream Job Completed.  It will show you the date that your letter was given to the USPS by OnlineCertifiedMail and LetterStream.

Another way to prove your letter was put in the mail is to review the tracking status on the OnlineCertifiedMail website by clicking on your job, or at the United States Postal Service website ( by entering your 20-digit tracking number.  The tracking information will show that the USPS took possession of your letter the day we said it was given to them.  The individual tracking line will say something like: "Accepted at USPS Origin Facility" and will show the date and time that the Post Office accepted it.

The final way to prove your letter was sent is to print out the signature receipt from the OnlineCertifiedMail website.  This is the signature that the USPS collects when they deliver your letter.  It not only proves that your letter was mailed; it also proves that your letter was received.

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