How To Track Certifed Mail

It's important to keep in mind that the USPS might not provide tracking information until the day after we mail your letter. The tracking information will continue to be updated by the USPS until the letter is delivered.

If the letter was sent using OnlineCertifiedMail, to create your letter you can log in to your account and see the tracking information for any letter that you have created.

To do so, go to and login.

Next, click the History button in the upper right corner.  This will present a list of your previously mailed letters.  If the Status says "Delivered" then your letter has been delivered.  You can click on the link for additional details.

Another way is to simply enter the 20-digit tracking number on the home page of  The tracking tool is located in the lower section of the homepage.  You can use this tool even if you did not use to send your letter(s).

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